5 Differences Between Household and Car Refrigerator

November 26,2021

Car refrigerator provides great possibilities for travelers and drivers to enjoy the coolness at any time.


You may need to stay in the car for a long time due to a long trip, especially in the hot summer, we need to put more food in the car refrigerator to keep them fresh.


Many people try to install household refrigerators in their cars because the capacity of their car refrigerators is not large enough. This approach is wrong. As a car refrigerator exporter, now we will tell you from 5 differences.


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Difference #1 Power

Household refrigerators need to be connected to 220V alternating current to be used normally, while car refrigerators can be used by connecting a cigarette lighter to the car. When the car is turned off, the battery will continue to supply power to the refrigerator. At this time, the battery protection can ensure that enough power is retained in the battery to ensure the normal ignition of the car, thereby protecting the safety of the battery.


Difference #2 Seismic performance

The car is constantly vibrating during driving, and good anti-vibration and anti-shake performance can ensure the normal use of the car refrigerator. The anti-vibration performance of the car refrigerator is very good, the internal components can operate normally on bumpy roads, while the anti-vibration performance of the household refrigerator is much worse.


Difference #3 The size is different

Household refrigerators are huge in size and volume, generally around 150-250L, which can store a large number of food items. The car refrigerator is small in size, generally around 5-50L, and can only be used to store a small amount of food items.


Difference # 4 Electromagnetic Interference Capability

There are many kinds of electronic products in the car, and various electromagnetic interference will affect the normal operation. When the electronic control module of the car refrigerator is working, it does not interfere with the electromagnetic interference of other electronic products in the car, and it will not affect the normal use of the car battery. Household refrigerators have relatively large power and have certain electromagnetic interference capabilities, which will affect the operation of electrical appliances.


Difference #5 Anti-falling protection

When the inclination angle of the compressor is too large, continuous work will cause damage to the compressor and affect its service life. Household refrigerators generally cannot be tilted, as long as a certain angle of tilt occurs, the compressor will stop working. When the car refrigerator is in use, a slight tilt will not affect the normal operation. When the tilt reaches 45° or more, it will automatically stop working to protect the compressor.


I think you have given up on installing household refrigerators in your car. Once you get your ultimate car refrigerator, you should not wait to try to install them. You can install it according to your purpose. The following methods can help you.


Installation method

In the middle of the front seat of the car as an armrest box: this type of installation generally needs to be installed in a car modification shop. Some car manufacturers can directly configure a customized version of the car refrigerator.


In the middle of the rear seat of the car as an armrest box: first fix the car refrigerator in the middle of the rear seat. It is better to choose a car refrigerator with a seat belt fixing groove design. A seat belt can be passed through and can be easily fixed or removed. , Far better than the ordinary car refrigerator that needs to be fastened and fixed.


In the trunk of the car: check whether the trunk of the car has a power jack firstly, and confirm whether the power supply is 12V or 24V (some car refrigerators only support 12V power supply, and some support 12V/24V blind plugging). The tail box has a power jack. Put the car refrigerator directly in the tail box and connect the power cord to the jack. In addition, some car refrigerator manufacturers provide a fixed base for the car refrigerator, and the car refrigerator can also be fixed in the rear trunk. If the car’s rear trunk does not have a power jack, you can choose to install a power jack or directly connect the power cord from under the car seat to the cigarette lighter (when buying a car refrigerator, it’s best to measure the trunk to the point. The length of the cigarette holder depends on whether the length of the power cord attached to the car refrigerator is sufficient, and it is necessary to purchase an extension cord).


Built-in installation in the rear of the car: this type of installation is generally completed in car modification shops, and the design requirements for car refrigerators are high. Different models need to choose suitable car refrigerators for special cars. 


Place directly on the seat or under the seat: directly connect the power cord to the car cigarette lighter, and place the car refrigerator above or below the car seat. It is recommended to fix the car refrigerator to avoid potential safety hazards, especially avoid slipping or tipping to injure passengers when the road is bumpy.


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Household refrigerators are undoubtedly different from vehicle-mounted refrigerators. Car refrigerators are specially designed for road design and power supply. Meanwhile, there will be many options on our website, you can also directly ask our car refrigerator experts. Of course, picking the best one will take up you much time. Fortunately, you did not continue to be torn between the two through this article. Now is to wait for them and then implement our method to install your refrigerator.