Comparison Of Crushed Ice Maker, Ice Planer And Sand Ice Machine

November 19,2021

Most of us like ice drinks in summer. When we drink ice drinks at ordinary times, we must also notice that the shape of ice is different. Because in the process of making summer drinks, all kinds of ice machines are used, which often confuse us, such as ice maker, ice planer, crushed ice maker, sand ice machine, etc. What's the difference between them?


crushed ice maker


Crushed ice maker


Crushed ice maker, also known as ice planer, is an equipment used to make ice drinks in cold drink stores. The functions of crushed ice maker and ice planer are similar, but the crushed ice maker can only beat ice into ice particles of different sizes, not very finely. Generally, the ice particles from the crushed ice maker are used to make ice porridge, coke, cold drinks, smoothies and other drinks. It is one of the necessary equipment for cold drinks stores.


How to make ice porridge? First, add different materials such as fruits, pearls and taro balls to the broken ice grains, and then add sugar water or milk. In this way, the fancy ice porridge with different flavors is completed.


Ice planer


The shaved ice machine can make two kinds of ice, flake shaved ice and continuous ice. The fineness of ice can be determined by adjusting the blade. If you are making shaved ice, you can directly use the shaver to make white ice into ice powder, and then stack the fallen ice powder by hand, which can form a beautiful shape like an iceberg. Add strawberries to make a delicious strawberry ice. If you are making continuous ice, you can use various flavors of icicles, cut them layer by layer with the blade of the ice planer, and then catch them with a tray or waffle. After the continuous ice is made, it is like "cotton wadding" silk strands stacked. Soft, smooth, thin, thin and soft are its characteristics. The more and more soft and fluffy structure completely subverts the original cold and hard feeling of "ice". Finally, it is finished with the unique taste of pearl, jam, pudding and so on.


Sand ice machine


Sand ice machine, also known as food processor, can completely break ice into fine sand. Sand ice melts faster than shaved ice. It is a small electric appliance for making ice drinks such as sand ice, cocktail, iced cappuccino, ice cream, milkshake, yogurt, Sprite strawberry ice, strong banana milkshake, coconut pineapple ice, orange honey papaya sand ice, fresh fruit sand ice, etc.


The most important components of sand ice machine are blade and motor. The quality of the blade determines the performance of this sand ice machine. The general price of sand ice machine is 300 yuan, but the price of good sand ice machine can reach tens of thousands.


Therefore, many stores combine the sand ice machine with the ice crusher. First use the ice crusher to break the ice into small pieces, and then use the sand ice machine to break it into sand. This can not only prolong the service life of Changsha ice machine, but also make sand ice more delicate. Of course, in addition to making smoothies, the sand ice machine can also make more original drinks, such as corn juice, walnut juice and peanut dew... These are unmatched by the other two machines.


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