Everything you Need to Know about Car Refrigerator

November 19,2021

In the hot summer, the refrigerator is simply a must. As people's requirements for the performance and quality of refrigerators continue to increase, nowadays there are various types of refrigerators. The car refrigerator is one of them. Its appearance meets the needs of many people on business trips and travelers.


The Introduction of the Car Refrigerator


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A car refrigerator refers to a refrigerator that can be carried in a car. Car refrigerators are a new generation of refrigeration and refrigeration appliances popular in the international market in recent years.


There are two main types of car refrigerators on the market. One is a semiconductor car refrigerator, which is based on electronic chips for cooling; the other is a compressor car refrigerator, which is the traditional technology of a traditional refrigerator. It has high cooling efficiency.


Various Types of the Car Refrigerator


  • Heat preservation refrigerator for car:


Car insulation refrigerators are not in-vehicle electrical products in the true sense because they do not have the cooling capacity. The car incubator is a car incubator produced by sandwiching insulation materials, which is more suitable for keeping the temperature of food for a short time. The car incubator has the advantages of low price, no heat, no noise and pollution. However, the heat preservation time of the car incubator is short, and it can only meet the short-term heat preservation requirements.


  • Semiconductor type car refrigerator:


Semiconductor-type car refrigerator is currently the largest car refrigerator product in the market. It has the functions of cooling and heating and heat preservation at the same time, which can meet the requirements of most users. It has the characteristics of low power consumption, simple structure, low failure rate and no noise. However, the semiconductor-type car refrigerator cannot meet the requirement of simultaneous use by multiple people.


  • Compressor type car refrigerator:


Compressor type car refrigerator is a powerful car refrigerator. Compared with the above-mentioned two vehicle-mounted refrigerators, it has the advantages of strong refrigeration capacity, large volume, and convenient use. It is more suitable for people with large food carrying capacity and high refrigeration requirements.


The advantages of our car refrigerator


✔️ Significant cooling effect


Ningbo Aquart Electrical Appliance Company’s car refrigerator adopts computer temperature control, and the temperature can be adjusted through your mobile phone APP or touch screen, so you don’t have to worry about the food spoiling due to high temperature.


✔️ Low noise


We all know that passengers in the car are prone to fatigue during long-distance driving. If the car is noisy at this time, it will affect the children's work and rest. During the operation of Ningbo Aquart Electrical Appliance Company's car refrigerator, the operating sound is less than 45 decibels, which is conducive to creating a quiet driving space in the car and allowing children to sleep comfortably.


✔️ High standard design


Ningbo Aquart Electrical Appliance Company's car refrigerators have passed the international E-mark anti-electromagnetic interference test and smart car battery protection. It meets the requirements of vehicle regulations. After actual measurement, even in a 55°C high temperature environment, Ningbo Aquart Electrical Appliance Company's vehicle-mounted refrigerator still achieves strong cooling and runs stably at a 30° tilt


✔️ Long lasting


Ningbo Aquart Electrical Appliance Company uses German compressors with a life span of at least 10 years. On average, the cost per year is lower than that of the semiconductor car refrigerator, which not only can obtain high-quality mobile preservation effect, but also can truly realize the dual-use of the car and the home.


In short, if you choose Ningbo Aquart Electrical Appliance Company, you will enjoy the best quality service. We are the car refrigerator exporter. Any interests, welcome to contact us.