How to Extend the Service Life of Portable Crushed Ice Maker?

November 27,2021

The crushed ice maker is a machine that mainly crushes ice cubes into crushed ice sand with smaller particles. The ice crusher is unique in design, small in size, light in weight, reasonable in structure, and beautiful in appearance. The blades are made of high-quality stainless steel, which have advantages of safety and durability. Portable crushed ice maker is a necessary equipment for making iced drinks, widely used in cola, cold drinks, smoothies and other drinks. Many large cold drink shops have imported OEM portable crushed ice maker from us. So as a professional manufacturer, we will share you with how to use the crushed ice maker correctly and maintain it?


OEM portable crushed ice maker


Performance and characteristics of portable crushed ice maker


  • High-quality selected materials, stainless steel blades, silent and waterproof motors, sprayed appearance.


  • The ice crusher part is made of titanium alloy material, and the surface is treated with a special process, and the appearance is generous and beautiful.


  • The blade is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is not easy to wear, has high efficiency in crushing ice, and is safe and durable.


  • Humanized design, the machine is simple and easy to control, easy to operate, in line with ergonomics, and more humane.


  • The thickness of the blade can be adjusted at will. The blade is made of high-quality stainless steel and is not easy to wear.


How to operate the portable crushed ice maker correctly?


  • First check whether the power supply voltage is in line with the voltage indicated on the nameplate, and the power socket is connected to the ground wire.


  • Raise the pressure ice handle to the top dead center, plug in the power source, turn on the main switch, place the ice tray on the bottom shelf, put the ice material into the ice crushing cylinder, and then press down the ice pressure handle, and thenmake the protection switch automatically open, to achieve the effect of crushed ice. After the work is completed, please move the ice pressing handle to the stop point. The next time you use it, repeat the above operation.


  • After finishing the work, turn off the power, dry the ice particles on the body with a dry towel, and place it in a dry place.


How to maintain the portable crushed ice maker?


  • Be careful not to drop hard objects into the shaved ice tray during daily use, otherwise the blades and shaved ice tray will be damaged.


  • The chopped ice particles flow into the tray through the discharge port. Pay attention to the smooth discharge of the material outlet and it cannot be blocked, otherwise it will cause the cutter head to be stuck and the motor to burn out.


  • If you find that the cutter head is stuck, you should immediately raise the handle of the pressing cover, turn off the switch, unplug the plug, and troubleshoot in time.


  • When in use, the outlet of the ice pellets should not be blocked, otherwise it will cause the cutter head to jam and burn the motor. If the above phenomenon occurs, immediately raise the handle and cut off the power to find out the cause.


  • After working every day, it must be cleaned. When cleaning, turn off the main power switch, unplug the plug, and then wipe the water on the machine with a clean towel and place it in a dry place.


  • When cleaning, do not directly rinse the interior with water. It is forbidden to use detergent to avoid dampening of electrical components, affecting safe use and damaging the machine.


  • After cleaning, remember to lift the handle of the pressing cover. Daily maintenance and cleaning can not only improve work efficiency, but also increase the service life of the machine.