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November 11,2021

Summer is hot, do you want a cold smoothie? Then you can buy a crushed ice maker. It can be used to make cocktails, snowdrifts and milkshakes. Of course, if you want to freeze dishes with crushed ice, it is also a good choice since food can easily go bad in summer, even if it is stored in the refrigerator. According to the different principles of evaporator and generation process, the shapes of generated ice are also different.


People generally divide ice makers into granular ice makers, sheet ice makers, plate ice makers, tube ice makers, shell ice makers and so on. With the development of ice makers, there are more and more ice makers with high tech such as air-cooled system and portable crushed ice maker brings a great convenience for people especially those who are usually go to a picnic requiring cool drinks. If you want to know more, please read on.


portable crushed ice maker


What is a crushed ice maker?


Crushed ice maker is a kind of refrigeration that generates ice after water is cooled by refrigerant of refrigeration system through evaporator. The crushed ice maker not only helps you make exciting cocktails, summer drinks, and iced coffee, but also can be mixed with salt to make a coolant for ice cream. Ice cream is a great summer antidote, but the ice cream you buy isn't as clean and hygienic as the one you make yourself, so maybe you could try using crushed ice instead.


Working principle of crushed ice maker


The coolant in the cooling system freezes the evaporator to a temperature of-15 C. The water pump spray even sprays water into the inverted evaporator, where solid ice is formed. When the ice cube is large enough, it begins a warm gas melting phase, during which the ice cube loosens from the evaporator and falls into the ice cube container. When the ice cube reaches the level of the sample in the container, the ice formation stops. When the level of ice cubes is lower than that of samples, ice formation automatically resumes.




  1. When the ice maker runs to make ice cubes, only pure drinking water should be used. If ice cubes are mainly used to cool drinks for internal use, the quality of water used to make ice cubes is as important as the purity and good storage of any other food.


  1. Do not use an ice maker to cool or preserve food or drinks, because it may cause system blockage. Any use of an icemakeris considered inappropriate except for the production of ice cubes from cold drinking water.


  1. The supporting structure of the ice maker is made of steel, and the outer plate is made of stainless steel.


How to use a crushed ice maker?


The crushed ice maker should be installed on a workbench with sufficient supporting force and at a proper distance from the ground.


Before switching on the power supply, check whether the power supply voltage used is consistent with the voltage used in this company, whether the socket meets the safety standards, and has installed the leakage protection switch and connected the ground wire. Make sure everything meets the requirements of electricity consumption.


Before starting up, break the ice cubes to about 20 mm in diameter before putting them into the barrel, and it is advisable to protrude through the mouth of the barrel. Pay attention to turn on the power switch first, and wait for the motor to rotate with the power plate before filling the plate. The handle of the dynamic pressing cover is pressed down. At this time, the ice cubes are chopped by tightening the blade on the rotating cutter head. However, when the handle of the pressing cover is pressed down, the force shall not be too strong, so as not to block the motor and damage it. And should pay attention to the surplus after the reduction of ice materials, and replenish new ice materials in time.


The chopped ice particles flow into the holding plate through the feeding port. Pay attention to the smooth blowing of the blowing port and cannot be blocked, otherwise the cutter head will be stuck and the motor will be burnt out. If the cutter head is found to be stuck, immediately lift the handle of the pressing cover, close the switch, pull out the plug, and troubleshoot in time.


The thickness of ice particles can be realized by adjusting the height of the blade mouth protruding from the cutter head, When adjusting, first remove the plastic plate protecting the switch device, loosen the screws fixing the elbow, pull out the cartridge, then loosen the fastening screws of the cutter head, remove the cutter head, then loosen the pressing screws of the blade, install them in place according to your requirements, and then install the cutter head back to its original position in sequence.


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