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November 04,2021

If you like outdoor camping and travel, self driving is a comfortable way to travel. Nowadays, there are more and more electrical equipment on the car. In addition to supplying power to the engine starting motor, lights, electric power steering and other components, the car power supply system should also meet the power consumption requirements of equipment such as multimedia audio-visual system, reversing radar, mobile phone charging, tachograph, GPS navigator and so on.


12 volt appliances for camping


As early as the early stage of automobile development, the electrical system was not introduced into automobile products. Around 1918, because of the popularization of starter, the automobile began to be equipped with battery, and the voltage standard at that time was 6V. Then various automotive electrification equipment were widely used. After the 1950s, because the power provided by the 6V system was too low to meet more power needs, the car standard voltage was increased from 6V to 12V.


The 12V voltage value then became a global standard (24V for diesel vehicles), which can greatly reduce the coordination between the depot and the supply chain of electrical equipment accessories and greatly reduce the cost. In the 1990s, American automobile enterprises once envisaged raising the voltage to 42V to meet the requirements of automobile electrification equipment in the future. However, due to the high cost of change, all electrical components, including lines, had to be completely replaced, and finally could not be promoted in the market.


What can 12V do? What problems need to be paid attention to?


The 12V voltage of the automobile power supply system not only supplies power to all electrified equipment, but also provides convenience for car owners to install electrical appliances themselves. We usually take power from the cigarette lighter interface. By inserting the cigarette lighter through the corresponding adapter plug, we can directly charge mobile phones, tablets, navigator, tachograph and other equipment, and can also meet the requirements of car refrigerator, the power demand of car vacuum cleaner, car washing pump, car air purifier and other equipment is very practical.


However, it should be noted that according to different models, the maximum overcurrent of the fuse of the cigarette lighter usually has three settings: 5A, 10A and 15A. Those above 20A generally appear on high-end vehicles, and it is most safe to use appliances with a maximum power of less than 180W. If high-power appliances are used, in case of circuit overload, the fuse will be blown at least, and the line will be heated, which is easy to cause fire. Therefore, when the cigarette lighter is powered on, it is necessary to pay attention to the power and current indicators of electrical appliances to avoid necessary potential safety hazards.


Secondly, try not to use the on-board appliances for a long time after the ignition is off, so as to avoid the battery running out and the vehicle cannot be started normally the next day.


With USB interface, do you still need to provide 12V power interface?


At present, many vehicles also provide various USB power interfaces to provide 5V / 2.1A power supply, which can directly and conveniently charge mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices, reducing the use pressure of cigarette lighters. However, it should be noted that the charging voltages of such electronic devices are different, which may not be suitable for all mobile intelligent terminal devices. It is necessary to carefully understand the specific charging standards. Some USB interfaces are provided by multimedia devices. They can only read USB flash disk data and can't charge the device.


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