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November 04,2021

The portable refrigerator is not only suitable for indoor use, but also very good for outdoor use. It can be used not only in the office, but also when traveling. It has the functions of cooling and heating like a normal refrigerator. This convenient refrigerator is very popular in modern society. So how to choose a portable refrigerator and how to maintain it? Next, let's learn about it.


portable refrigerator


Introduction to portable refrigerator


Portable refrigerator is an electronic refrigeration equipment with temperature regulation function. Someone once asked, if you want to put a refrigerator in the car, can you? Nowadays, portable refrigerators greatly meet the needs of this part of people and realize the desire to put a refrigerator in the car. Imagine that people who drive long distances can greatly alleviate the trouble and fatigue caused by long-distance driving if they put a convenient refrigerator on their car.


Working principle of portable refrigerator


The portable refrigerator uses the operation principle of DC compressor. It can realize rapid heating without the addition of freon in the refrigeration process, and the noise of the machine is particularly low during operation. Because the system of portable refrigerator is relatively simple, the possibility of failure is low and the service life is longer. The temperature setter on the surface of the portable refrigerator has a memory function, which can facilitate people's operation. The refrigerator is processed by microcomputer, which can automatically check the fault and adjust it according to the indicator light.


Purpose of portable refrigerator


  1. The portable refrigerator is suitable for people to travel for a short time, such as traveling, sports, leisure fishing, so as to ensure the freshness of food and drinks.


  1. Portable refrigerator is also suitable for medical treatment. When refrigerating and transporting vaccines and other drugs, it can ensure that the drug properties will not fail.


Features of portable refrigerator


  1. It can meet people's daily needs. The refrigerator does not need a fixed power supply. It is small, light and easy to carry. It is especially suitable for vehicle and tourism.


  1. Small appearance and strong practicability. Whenever people ask to go, they will feel the charm of its appearance. It is a seasonal commodity that people desire.


  1. Compared with ordinary refrigerators, portable refrigerators are more affordable, have more models, and consumers choose more styles.


  1. The waterproof sealed zipper structure is adopted, and there will be no liquid leakage even if the body is completely upside down in the process of carrying.


  1. The bottom of the refrigerator is provided with a thermal insulation layer, which will not melt the ice even if the handbag is placed on the surface of a high-temperature object.


Precautions for use of portable refrigerator


  1. Placement method of portable refrigerator: when placing, do not seal the suction port and exhaust port. There should be space around it and put it on a horizontal plane.


  1. Connection method of portable refrigerator power supply: the attached DC power line is used in the car; The attached special transformer is used indoors and is suitable for 220V to 240V (50Hz).


  1. The body of portable refrigerator is strongly impacted, which will not only damage the shell of the body, but also damage the original electronic devices and circuits inside.


  1. Portable refrigerator can only be used in AC 220v-240v / 50Hz (special adapter) or DC 12V power supply, but can not be used in 24V truck or bus, otherwise serious fire accidents will occur.


Daily maintenance of portable refrigerator


  1. Sometimes there is dew in the portable refrigerator, which is a normal phenomenon. It is not the product fault, but the high temperature and humidity of the environment. Please open the cover to make the body downward, drain water from the front of the body, or wipe the dew with a dry cloth.


  1. Please unplug the power plug when maintaining the portable refrigerator, otherwise there will be a risk of electric shock; Please do not wash with water or touch with water beads, otherwise there is a risk of electric shock and short circuit.


  1. Portable refrigerators sometimes form dew according to the use environment (high temperature and humidity). If the mini refrigerator is not dried and placed, it will have mildew and peculiar smell; Do not wipe the mini refrigerator with alcohol or light remover, otherwise it will change color.


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