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November 11,2021

Everyone is looking for the best fans for cooling a dorm room, especially when there is a power cut. Air conditioning has limited use time, so one of the ways to cool yourself is to choose a good fan.


Fans suitable for student dormitories are mostly table fans, small ceiling fans, and clip fans. Among them, small table fans are suitable for use on desks, and clip fans can be clipped to the front of the table or at the head of the bed. Small ceiling fans are best used with mosquito nets. Suitable, cool and anti-mosquito.


look for the best fans for cooling a dorm room


Tips to get best fans for cooling a dorm room

Function selection

The electric fan is more personalized in appearance and function. The functions such as computer control, natural wind, sleeping wind, negative ion are more abundant, and more practical functions such as lighting and mosquito repellent have been added.


Appearance choice

In the era of individual fashion and refinement, petite and cute home appliances are more popular. They look cute, bright in color, and small in size. Portable electric fans are also a good choice, and their appearance is extremely lightweight. , Portable, beautiful colors and appearance, more attractive.


Fan motor

It is recommended to choose a DC inverter motor, which is more power-saving compared to AC inverter. A good motor not only rotates smoothly and is not easily damaged, but also has low noise and long service life.



It is necessary to choose a professional brand. It is also necessary to understand the brand's after-sales service outlets and soundness to avoid unnecessary troubles such as after-sales. AQUART is such one.


Finding the best dormitory fan can be tricky, because we need to consider many factors, but you can buy the right one if you have mastered the above tips.


Are USB fans suitable for dorms?

Yes, the answer is absolutely.


Low power consumption

The standard voltage of the USB fan interface is 5V, and it is said that the maximum flow is only 500mA, so the rated power is basically within 10 watts. In this way, 1 degree is equal to 1000 watts. At least 100 hours or more will consume one degree of electricity and lower power.


Easy to carry, plug and play

It is generally small in size and easy to carry. It can be plugged into a laptop or mobile phone to let you feel the cold wind blowing on your face!


Good safety and low noise

The fan blades of the usb fan are made of soft plastic film. Although the rotation speed is fast, it is definitely safe, the noise is not big, the wind performance is also good, and it blows a little like a long fan.



Various stylish, exquisite and exquisite usb fans give you more choices. Not only is it functional, but it can also add to your dormitory.


If you want to choose one for everyone to use together, and the room is too stuffy, then a cooling fan is a good choice. It is an upgrade of the fan and has a humidifying function, but the power is lower than that of an air conditioner.


Where can I buy the best fan?

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