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November 04,2021

The car fridge portable allows people to enjoy a more comfortable driving experience. Only by knowing the styles and advantages and disadvantages can we choose the car refrigerator that really makes the journey enjoyable.


find an OEM car fridge portable 12v


First understand their power

The supported voltages on the market are 12v, 24v, 110v.220v.

For these voltages, the best occasions for their use are:

  • Car: Cigarette lighter takes electricity 12v, 24v (car refrigerators are generally divided into these two voltages)
  • Household: 220v household electricity
  • Outdoor: can be equipped with 12v battery


Because this article is mainly about car refrigerators, let's take car refrigerators as an example. If the power supply of your car is 12v, verify that the output voltage of your switching power supply is consistent with that of the car refrigerator, and the power is greater than that of the refrigerator. The most purchased is 12v. You can find it here.


A wholesale OEM car fridge portable 12v supplier, manufacturer, factory, exporter. will continue to introduce you its types, pros and cons.


Semiconductor car refrigerator

Semiconductor car refrigerators currently have the largest market share. They use DC current to pass through semiconductor refrigeration chips to transfer heat from the cold end to the hot end of the chip, and then use a cooling fan to increase its effect. The cooling temperature range is -5 to 65 degrees. 


Advantages and disadvantages

environmental protection, no pollution, low power consumption, low failure rate, no vibration, no noise; relatively poor cooling capacity, small storage capacity.


Scope of application

Lower refrigeration requirements, fewer items to carry, suitable for ordinary cars and mass consumers.


Compressor car refrigerator

Compressor car refrigerators are similar to household refrigerators. They are cooled by compressor power. The cooling is fast and powerful, and the cooling can reach -18℃. The compressor adopts fully enclosed, fluorine-free, and maintenance-free technology. Even if the refrigerator is turned over, it will not compress the machine is damaged.


Advantages and disadvantages

Strong refrigeration capacity, large volume, easy to use, not easy to damage; large volume, high weight, difficult to handle, high cost of use.


Scope of application

High refrigeration requirements, large carrying items, suitable for high-end cars, professional special groups.


How to choose a protable car refrigerator

The volume of the car refrigerator can be large or small. If it is installed between the main and passenger seats, it is best to choose a flip-up car refrigerator with a volume of about 3.5-4 liters; if you need a larger car refrigerator, you can put it in the back of the car The volume can reach up to 60 liters.

Color style

When buying, consider whether the color and style of the car refrigerator are in harmony with the interior decoration, instead of simply choosing a stylish, beautiful and generous car refrigerator.


Anti-vibration and anti-shake

Car refrigerators need good anti-vibration and anti-shake performance to ensure long-term normal use. In addition, it is best to choose car refrigerators with anti-fall protection, which will automatically stop when the tilt exceeds 45° to avoid damage.


Battery protection

Although the power consumption of the car refrigerator itself is not large, there is basically no need to worry about power failure in the middle, but it is still recommended to buy a car refrigerator that can automatically cut off the power, once the power is insufficient, it will automatically cut off the power, which can effectively protect the car Battery.

By implementing the above tips, you can choose the right car refrigerator. If you need 12v portable car fridge or 24v, you can find it on this website. If you have special needs, please contact our car refrigerator experts.