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November 04,2021

With the continuous improvement of economic level, the public are more and more loyal to portable appliances, and they also pay more attention to the pursuit of quality of life. In recent years, due to the increasing popularity of private cars, car refrigerators are more and more popular with consumers. So what is the function of the car refrigerator? How can we start with a favorite car refrigerator? Don't worry, today I'll provide you with some shopping guides for car refrigerators.


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Introduction to car refrigerator


In short, the car refrigerator is a miniature refrigerator. Its function is the same as that of an ordinary refrigerator, but its size is half that of an ordinary refrigerator. In addition, the car refrigerator can not only cool and heat, but also be used in winter and summer. It is very convenient and can effectively keep people's food dry and fresh. Because of its compact appearance, the car refrigerator can be used in people's driving journey. Generally speaking, the minimum refrigeration temperature of mini refrigerator can reach 5 ℃, 20-25 ℃ lower than the ambient temperature. Heating can reach 65 ℃.


Use of car refrigerator


  • Long distance driving use


In the hot summer, the car refrigerator can send fresh fruits and vegetables to those people who drive long distances to cool and relieve the summer heat. Some people often find that the mineral water in the car will deteriorate due to the direct sunlight. The water storage in the car refrigerator will not have this problem. A bottle of healthy cold drink instantly makes your boredom disappear without a trace, which undoubtedly provides convenience for the majority of drivers.


  • For outdoor travel


In recent years, more and more people like to travel outdoors by self driving. With a car refrigerator, you can enjoy all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables and quick-frozen food anytime and anywhere, and a BBQ can be arranged!


  • Work use


For office workers, a small car refrigerator can provide fresh drinks, so that people can enjoy a moment of comfort when you are tired at work.


Classification and principle of car refrigerator


There are two types of car refrigerators on the market today, including compressor car refrigerators and semiconductor car refrigerators. The biggest difference between the two is the strength of the refrigeration effect.


  • The compressor car refrigerator uses the refrigeration principle of ordinary household refrigerator, with good refrigeration effect. The general temperature can reach -18 ℃, and the general average service life is more than 5 years.


  • Semiconductor car refrigerator uses semiconductor electronic chip refrigeration, which adopts a new refrigeration method. Its refrigeration is limited by the ambient temperature, and the minimum temperature can only reach -5 ℃.


What kind of refrigerator can be called a car refrigerator?


Nowadays, many manufacturers will sell online under the name of "car refrigerator" to win the attention of consumers. In fact, not all "small refrigerators" can be called car refrigerators.


  • First, car refrigerators should have good product quality. They should not only meet the simple refrigeration function, but should be comparable to or even better than the refrigeration effect of household refrigerators. Only in this way can they seamlessly meet the fresh-keeping needs of users for various items. The service life should be about 10 years. Now some small refrigerators with hundreds of yuan are popular in the market, but their service life is very long Life is often short.


  • Second, car refrigerator should have a good-looking product design. As mentioned earlier, car refrigerator has never been an accessory of the refrigerator or incubator, but a product of people's constant pursuit of the quality of automobile life. Therefore, car refrigerator should have an aesthetic that conforms to the mainstream automobile culture. For the automobile industry, the first Mercedes Benz model may have been very popular at that time, but it can't meet the current aesthetic. Car refrigerators should also keep pace with the times. The product aesthetics of the last century is difficult to impress more and more picky consumers.


  • Third, car refrigerator should have a user-friendly experience. Because most of the car refrigerators are used in the car, the volume can not be too large, so the space design has always been a difficult problem. In this regard, the car refrigerator of Alcott realizes the purpose of variable space through a removable partition, greatly improves the flexibility of placing items, and improves the utilization of space. Moreover, the temperature can be controlled on both sides, which is also a great innovation for the traditional car refrigerator, which can only carry out single refrigeration.


Therefore, you can choose according to these points when purchasing the car refrigerator.


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