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November 11,2021

At present, many high-end cars will be equipped with supporting compressor car refrigerators, which is a real car refrigerator. According to the needs of Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, many professional enthusiasts and national defense forces, car refrigerators with fully enclosed compressors have been applied. The minimum refrigeration temperature can reach minus 18 degrees, and the temperature can be controlled in sections, Most refrigerators can apply 220V / 110V - 12V / 24V and switch automatically.


This kind of compressor refrigerator applies traditional reciprocating compressor and rotary compressor. Even if the refrigerator is turned over arbitrarily, the compressor will not be damaged. The compressor adopts fully enclosed, fluorine-free and maintenance free technology to ensure that the automobile refrigerator can operate normally when it is reversed. This refrigerator is used in many automobile rally and cross-country races.


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Working principle of compressor for car refrigerator


Matter in the world is divided into three states: gaseous, solid and liquid. Under certain conditions, these three states can transform into each other. When the liquid changes from liquid to gas, it will absorb a lot of heat, referred to as "liquid vaporization and heat absorption", and the refrigerator is cooled according to this principle.


Functions of compressor components


The components of the compressor refrigeration system include: compressor, condenser, drying filter, capillary, evaporator, etc. The power comes from the compressor, in which the function of the drying filter is to filter dirt and dry water, the function of the capillary is to throttle and depressurize, and the heat exchanger includes condenser and evaporator.


Circulation system


  1. The refrigeration compressor sucks in the low-temperature and low-pressure gas refrigerant from the evaporator. After compression, it will form high-temperature and high-pressure superheated steam, which is then discharged into the condenser.


  1. The gas refrigerant in the condenser will dissipate heat to the surrounding air, thus forming a high-pressure liquid.


  1. After passing through the drying filter, the high-pressure liquid flows into the capillary for throttling and pressure reduction to form a low-pressure liquid state.


  1. The low-pressure liquid enters the evaporator for vaporization, absorbs the heat of the cooled articles around, and reduces the temperature to the required value.


  1. After vaporization, the refrigerant will be sucked into the compressor through the return pipe, so as to realize a cycle. The cold cycle of the compressor operates circularly to ensure continuous refrigeration.


How to choose car refrigerator?




To buy a car refrigerator, you should first start with the brand, understand different brands and their endorsement, and it is very important to select a reliable brand. NINGBO AQUART ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE CO., LTD is  one of the leading wholesale OEM car refrigerator exporter, supplier, manufacturer and factory in China, want more products information, plz feel free to contact us!




Noise is a common problem of refrigerators, especially compressor car refrigerators; When the refrigerator starts working, it will make a "buzzing" sound when the compressor works, which is an obvious noise; Car refrigerators will have similar problems, but only compressor car refrigerators, so be sure to ask the noise before purchasing.




The function of refrigerator is refrigeration, so the performance is particularly important; If the refrigeration condition of the car refrigerator can not meet the requirements of storing food materials, it is easy to cause deterioration and damage of food materials. Therefore, you should know the temperature range and cooling time that your car refrigerator can cool; Combined with the use scenario, you can find a refrigerator that meets your needs.




If the quality is good, the use time is long, and you can rest assured when using it. When buying, you can see the details of workmanship, such as whether the door sealing strip of the refrigerator has a good sealing effect and whether there is frost exposed and condensed during refrigeration; If so, it means that the sealing effect is poor and the quality is poor.


👉Word of mouth after sales


Word of mouth after-sales is a product guarantee, which determines whether it can be trusted by consumers; This can be understood by checking the Internet.