wholesale OEM cool breeze fan exporter,supplier,manufacturer and factory

November 11,2021

The functions of the fans have become more and more perfect from the original hand-cranked fans to various electric fans. Cool breeze fan? As the name suggests, it is an electric fan that can blow out cold wind. Compared with the traditional vertical fan, the cool breeze fan has better effect. So what are the advantages of cool breeze fan?


The Advantages of the Cool Breeze Fan


wholesale OEM cool breeze fan exporter,supplier,manufacturer and factory


  1. Effectively avoid "air conditioning disease"


"Air conditioning disease" is a very popular "disease" in modern society, and the culprit that induces this "disease" is empty. People start to feel groggy as soon as they use air conditioning for a long time. This is the symptom of "air conditioning disease". If you use the cool breeze fan, this kind of problem will not occur. First of all, you don't need to close the doors and windows; second, the wind blown by the cool breeze fan is soft and comfortable. It will not cause discomfort due to a sudden drop in temperature, allowing you to enjoy the cool without worrying about "air conditioning disease".


   2. Various functions, dustproof


   In scorching summer, even the wind is hot. Cool breeze fan can not only bring cool wind, but also reduce indoor dryness, which is also good for skin. In addition to practical cold and hot functions, it can also evolve dust. The cool breeze fan is a good companion at home.


  3, low cost, high efficiency


The cost of cool breeze fan is lower than other air-conditioning products. But the performance of the cool breeze fan is good, so don't worry about its cooling and heating effect.


The cool breeze fan is a brand-new concept fan that combines multiple functions such as air supply, cooling, heating, air purification, and humidification. It uses water as the medium. Compared with electric fans, cool breeze fan has the function of humidifying air. Its power is about 60-80W, much lower than traditional air conditioners. It is very affordable in terms of price.


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In the hot summer, cool breeze fan is a good investment. If you are looking for a reliable wholesale OEM cool breeze fan exporter,supplier,manufacturer and factory, we will be your best choice. Any questions, any interest, please feel free to contact us.