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November 11,2021

Cool zone fan, also called air conditioning fan. Due to its convenient mobility, affordable price, and low energy consumption, it has gradually become one of the most popular home appliances for cooling and relieving heat. Compared with air conditioners, the cooling effect of cool zone fan is inferior, but it is still stronger than electric fans. As a cool zone fan manufacturer, we will mainly introduce you to the cool zone fan today.


cool zone fan


The difference between electric fan and cool zone fan


🔹The appearance of the electric fan and the cool zone fan are different. The appearance of the electric fan is designed in two parts, the blade and the base, while the appearance of the cool zone fan is similar to that of a purifier. In addition, the electric fan is more convenient to move, and the body is light; while the cool zone fan is relatively large and slightly cumbersome, but the movable roller design at the bottom of the body still makes the cool zone fan move a little more convenient.


🔹Electric fan and cool zone fan have different cooling methods. Electric fans rely on physical effects, that is, take away sweat from the body through the wind to achieve the purpose of cooling. They are not cooling by themselves; while air conditioning fans are based on internal water cooling, which blows out water vapor through the wind to make you feel When it comes to coolness, the temperature cannot be adjusted in a wide range like an air conditioner.


🔹The indoor temperature and humidity changes differently between electric fans and cool zone fans. Because of the different cooling methods, the indoor changes are different when electric fans and cool zone fans are used. The use of electric fans only increases the air flow without changing the indoor temperature and humidity; the use of cool zone fans will change the indoor temperature, and the obvious increase is that the indoor humidity increases.


🔹Electric fans and cool zone fans consume different power. The cool zone fan is a brand-new concept fan, which has multiple functions such as air supply, heating, purification of air and humidification. Using water as the medium, it can send out cold air below room temperature, as well as warm and humid air. Compared with the electric fan, the cool zone fan has the function of fresh air, and the power is only about 60-8OW, which is very cost-effective.


Advantages of air conditioning fan


🔹When the area of the cool zone fan matches the room area, the general cooling range is 3-8℃, and the cooling range using ice crystals is 5-9℃; although it is incomparable with the air conditioner, it can also have a certain cooling effect.


🔹Air conditioning fans rely on the fan motor to continuously drive the indoor air to flow through the water surface to accelerate the evaporation of water to absorb heat to achieve cooling, that is, while cooling the room, it will increase the humidity of the air in the room. In the process of using the cool zone fan, you must open the doors and windows regularly for ventilation, so as to prevent the humidity in the room from increasing and causing damage to the electronic appliances.


🔹The cool zone fan is especially suitable for use in dry areas. It can humidify the room while cooling down; it is not very suitable in hot and humid areas.


Precautions for using cool zone fan


🔹When pouring water into the cool zone fan, use pure water as much as possible. Purified water has high purity and few bacteria, which can reduce the growth of bacteria during the condensation process. The water in the sink should be added frequently to keep it at a safe water level, and it should be replaced regularly.


🔹After the cool zone fan is running for a long time, it will be blocked by dust and dirt, which will affect the air volume and cooling effect of the filter and air curtain. Therefore, it is best to clean it every two weeks.


🔹When using the cool zone fan, the distance should not be too close, and the air circulation and humidity should be kept balanced. If necessary, consider using some dehumidifiers or dehumidification facilities.


🔹In addition, when buying cool zone fans, pay special attention to safety issues. When purchasing an cool zone fan that needs to be filled with cold water, you should check the sink again and again to ensure that the fan has no risk of leakage. Cool zone fans that have just been bought or have been out of service for a long time must be filled with clean water before use. The water level can be observed through the water mark to control the amount of water added. In addition, remember to unplug the power plug before adding water.


After reading this article, whether you have clear understanding of cool zone fans, if you have more questions, as a wholesale OEM cool zone fan exporter, supplier, manufacturer and factory, we are glad to serve you.