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November 04,2021

In the hot summer, buying an electric ice maker countertop for your home can greatly improve your happiness. Here, as an wholesale OEM electric ice maker countertop supplier, manufacturer, factory, exporter, we have sorted out the steps for using the ice maker in detail. If you have more doubts, please feel free to contact us.


electric ice maker countertop


The steps to make ice


1️⃣Check whether the various devices of the ice machine are normal before use, such as whether the water supply device is normal and whether the water tank storage capacity is normal (the water tank storage capacity has been set at the factory);


2️⃣After confirming that the ice maker is normal, place the ice maker on a stable place, and insert the prepared bucket of water into the water inlet of the ice maker at the same time. At this time, the water will automatically enter the water tank of the ice maker;


3️⃣After plugging in the power of the ice maker, the ice maker starts to work. The water pump starts to pump the water in the water tank into the ice making area. At the beginning, the water pump has a process of exhausting air. Enter the working state, the ice maker starts to enter the ice making state;


4️⃣When the thickness of the ice reaches the thickness set by the ice maker, the ice plate probe in the ice maker will start to work, and the defrost solenoid valve will work at the same time, and the water pump will stop working, and the vent valve will open the hot air Entering the evaporator, ice cubes begin to fall;


5️⃣When the ice cubes start to fall, turn on the ice stopper while turning on the reed switch. When the ice cube reaches a certain amount, the magnetic reed switch will be closed again, and the ice maker will enter the ice making state again;


6️⃣When the ice storage bin of the ice maker is full of ice, the magnetic reed switch will not automatically close, the ice maker will automatically stop working, and ice making is completed;


Precautions for using electric ice maker countertop


  • The ice maker should be installed in a place far away from heat sources, without direct sunlight, and well ventilated. The ambient temperature should not exceed 35°C to prevent excessively high ambient temperature from causing poor heat dissipation of the condenser and affecting the ice making effect. The ground on which the ice maker is installed should be firm and level, otherwise it will cause no ice removal and noise during operation.


  • The clearance between the back and the left and right sides of the ice machine is not less than 30cm, and the top clearance is not less than 60cm.


  • The ice maker should use an independent power supply, dedicated line power supply, equipped with fuse and leakage protection switch, and reliable grounding.


  • The water used by the ice maker should meet the national drinking water standards, and a water filter device should be installed to filter impurities in the water to avoid clogging the water pipe and polluting the water tank and ice moldand affectingthe ice making performance.


  • Turn off the power when cleaning the ice machine. It is strictly forbidden to flush the machine directly with the water pipe, use neutral detergent to scrub, and it is strictly forbidden to clean with acidic, alkaline and other corrosive solvents.


  • The ice maker must unscrew the water inlet hose head for two months to clean the water inlet valve filter to avoid sand and mud impurities in the water from blocking the water inlet, causing the water inlet to become smaller and causing no ice production.