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November 11,2021

With the continuous development of the furniture industry, more and more various fans appear in our lives. When purchasing, each fan has its own characteristics, you may not know where to start? So, how to choose a whole house fan? As a wholesale OEM quiet cool whole house fan exporter, supplier, manufacturer and factory, we have summarized the advantages and disadvantages of each fan for you, and hope to give you some reference.


Floor fan


quiet cool whole house fan


The floor fan is the most common electric fan. The bottom is fixed by the base, the support rod is raised, and then it is connected with the motor and the fan blade. Now this kind of electric fan can also be retracted into a table fan, with remote control functions and a variety of intelligent functions.


  • Advantages: Easy to clean, and the wind is relatively large, suitable for larger rooms, and the steering angle is large;


  • Disadvantages: Relatively heavy, inconvenient to move, occupying more space, and not safe for children;


Rotary blade electric fan


quiet cool whole house fan


The motor of the rotary blade fan is small and hardly protrudes after being connected to the fan blade. The whole fan is only slightly larger than the fan blade. The wind direction is adjusted by rotating the net cover in front of the fan blade.


  • Advantages: Light and dexterous, easy to move, relatively soft wind, better for the elderly and children;


  • Disadvantages: There are several wind power ranges, which are not suitable for use in large spaces;


Ceiling fan


quiet cool whole house fan


Ceiling fans were quite popular in the 1980s and 1990s. Almost all homes and schools can have their companions. They are generally hung on the roof and rotated by a rotating shaft. They have more three blades.


  • Advantages: The ceiling fan moves in a circular motion without occupying space, and can blow to the entire room, and the fan blades are made of iron, the wind force is relatively strong and can be adjusted;


  • Disadvantages: It is not removable, difficult to clean, needs to be installed, and if it is not used for a long time, dust will accumulate on the fan blades, so wipe it before use. In addition, since most of them are metal blades, there will be a little noise when rotating;


Tower fan


quiet cool whole house fan


The tower fan rotates through the internal wind wheel, and the wind is discharged through the optical flow fan to form an air flow, which is similar to the principle of the internal air conditioner.


  • Advantages: Small area, fashionable appearance, affordable price, suitable for most families;


  • Disadvantages: Average air volume, slightly louder noise, not easy to clean dust. Since most of the tower fans are not very high, and the vertical angle cannot be adjusted, the wind direction is relatively low;


Air-conditioning fan


quiet cool whole house fan


The air-conditioning fan is a brand-new concept fan that combines the principles of air supply and air-conditioning fans. The air-conditioning fan principle combines multiple functions such as cooling, heating, purifying air, and humidifying. It uses water as the medium and can deliver the equivalent of water temperature in a short time. Both warm and cold wind are available.


  • Advantages: The temperature is about 5-6℃ lower than ordinary fans, low power consumption, and very affordable in terms of price. Some products also have the function of heating air and add negative ions. They are small in sizeand convenient to move, and have air volume, do not require floor space. More importantly, it can be adjustable;


  • Disadvantages: It cannot be cooled by itself, and it needs to be continuously injected with water at the required temperature to continuously provide the wind at the required temperature, so it is quite inconvenient to use. The cooling effect is not very good for large areas, there is no dehumidification function, it is not easy to use in high temperature places, and the humidity in the air is increased during use;


Bladeless fan


quiet cool whole house fan


The bladeless fan was originally invented by DYSON, named after it has no fan blades on the outside. In fact, there is a turbo fan at the bottom that sucks air into the hollow ring, and sends the air through the gap set in the ring. The circular cross section of the air multiplier adopts a shape similar to that of an airplane wing, and uses the Coanda effect and the same effect as the lift of the wing to increase the air volume.


  • Advantages: It produces a natural and continuous cool breeze, the shape is peculiar and has no blades, and the appearance is streamlined and refreshing, and will not cover the dust or hurt the fingers of children;


  • Disadvantages: Due to patent issues, there are only a few manufacturers except Dyson, but most of them are of poor quality, large noise, and small air volume.


The above content is about the types of quiet cool whole house fan, and their merits and drawbacks, if you have any other questions, or want to know more information about quiet cool whole house fan, just contact us, we are glad to serve you.