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November 11,2021

In summer, I like to choose the classic color tower fan. The white tower fan makes our room full of fashion, simplicity and freshness.


OEM white tower fan exporter


Why is the wind of my white tower fan close to the natural wind

The wind is "thrown out" by the cross flow fan to form an air flow-the centrifugal wind is generated by the wind pressure after the rotation of the wind wheel, and finally the wind is transmitted through the internal air guide wall. Since the cross-flow wind wheel is generally cylindrical, the three-dimensional air flow wall, or "wind curtain", is obtained by using tower fans. The wind curtain is perpendicular to the ground and blows left and right. In addition, the tubular wind wheel has many blades, so the air supply is uniform and soft, which is very close to natural wind.


Benefits of tower fan

  • Small size and space saving
  • The wind wheel flows through, and the air supply is soft;
  • The grid is small, and the invisible wind leaf does not hurt people, avoiding accidental injury to children;
  • This is the reason why many people choose the wholesale OEM white tower fan, and I am one of them.


Cleaning tips from the professional white tower fan exporter, supplier,manufacturer and factory

How to clean the tower fan

1. First, wipe the dust on the front cover of the tower fan with a rag.

2. Unscrew the screw at the bottom of the tower fan, turn the bottom counterclockwise, and unscrew the bottom of the tower fan.

3. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the two small bayonets on the back panel of the tower fan.

4. After the panel is opened, unscrew the screws connecting the two ends of the drum blades.

5. Take out the air duct, clean it, and drain the water.

6. Clean up the dust inside, do not touch the motor, circuit board, it is best to wipe with a dry cloth.

7. After wiping clean, you can smear the motor with oil.

8. After cleaning, put the air duct back, cover the panel, turn it on and see if it works normally.


The difference between tower fan and floor fan

1. The air supply principle is different. Tower fans use wind wheels like air conditioners to supply air, while traditional floor fans use rotating blades to supply air.


2. The tower fan is quiet when it works, the air supply is stable and comfortable, the floor fan has a sound, compared to the tower fan, the air supply is less stable, and it is easy to dizzy when blowing it. It is not recommended for the elderly and children to blow it.


3. Although the wind power of the tower fan is not as good as the floor fan. But the wind is more comfortable, and the wind blown by the tower fan basically falls to the whole body, because the tower fan is a curtain vertical to the ground. The floor fan blows most of the area on the upper body, so the tower fan will be better.


4. The appearance of the tower fan is relatively safe, because the floor fan has blades, which is not very safe for children.


5. The price of tower fans is relatively high, many are above 400 yuan.


6. The power of the tower fan is small, the tower fan is generally 30-40W, which is more power-efficient than the floor fan.


7. The volume of the tower fan is smaller than that of the floor fan, so it can be moved and placed at will.


How about the air conditioning fan

1. The function of the air-conditioning fan is relatively complete, and the source of the wind is relatively natural. It feels more natural than the air conditioner or the fan, which is especially suitable for small-sized household use;


2. The temperature of the air-conditioning fan is about 5-6 degrees lower than the average Wenshan temperature, and the power consumption is relatively low. It is very environmentally friendly and healthy, and it is also very affordable; the volume is relatively small, and the movement is more convenient; the most important thing is that the price is very high. Affordable, it is a more people-friendly product.


3. The cooling effect of the air-conditioning fan is obvious, but the cooling area is not very large, and the effect is better for local areas. Therefore, the air-conditioning fan is only suitable for use in small rooms, and the house is too large to be suitable; it will increase when used The humidity of the air. But it is better to increase the air humidity in winter.


The difference between air conditioning fan and tower fan

The tower fan is actually called the "mansion fan" in the industry because of its slender and tall shape, which resembles a building, so it is called a mansion fan to distinguish it from the traditional turning fan. Because it vividly describes the shape of this fan, it is widely used by people.


Air-conditioning fans are household appliances, and the air-conditioning blows out machine wind, and it needs to be in a closed environment, which makes people feel dizzy. Although the fan is natural wind, if the environment is not good, the wind blowing is equally uncomfortable.


Most air-conditioning fans have a dust filter to filter the air. If there is a layer of photocatalyst on the dust filter, it can also play a role of sterilization.


If you have children and elderly people in your home, a tower fan with soft air supply is the best choice. At the same time, it is also very suitable for people in need of care such as hospital wards.