portable freezer for camping

Car refrigerator is the continuation of household refrigerator, can use semiconductor electronic refrigeration technology, can also be refrigerated by compressor.  Generally less noise and less pollution.  When driving, the refrigerator can be cooled by inserting the power plug into the smoke lighter.  

There are mainly two kinds of car refrigerator on the market, one is the semiconductor car refrigerator, its principle is to rely on electronic chip refrigeration, the p-N junction formed by special semiconductor materials, thermocouple pair, produce the Pelter effect, namely through a new refrigeration method of direct current refrigeration.  Cooling temperature range is 5 to 65 degrees.  The advantage of this kind of refrigerator is can refrigerate can make heat again already, environmental protection, pollution-free, volume is small, cost is lower, vibration, noise, life is long when working.  The disadvantage is that the refrigeration efficiency is not high, the refrigeration temperature is affected by the ambient temperature, the refrigeration can not reach below zero, and the capacity is small.  
The other is the compressor Car refrigerator, the compressor is the traditional technology of the traditional refrigerator, the refrigeration temperature is low, for -18 degrees 10 degrees.  High refrigeration efficiency, can make ice, fresh, large volume, is the mainstream direction of the development of the future Car refrigerator.  

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