cool breeze fan

FAN COOLER is a new concept of the fan, both air supply, refrigeration, heating and air purification, humidification and other functions in one, with water as the medium, can be sent in a short time equal to the water temperature of the wind, both cold and warm.  

Compared with electric fans, FAN COOLER have more humid air functions, but their power is much higher than traditional fans, about 60-80W, but much lower than air conditioning.  The price aspect is very amiable.  FAN COOLER make full use of internal water circulation to regulate indoor temperature, blowing out a natural healthy wind.  FAN COOLER built-in dust net, can filter air, do not worry about blowing dirty air.  

If the dust net has a layer of photocatalyst can also play a sterilization effect.  After all, it cannot be cooled by itself, and requires constant injection of water at the desired temperature to sustain wind at the desired temperature.  

Simply speaking, FAN COOLER is the upgrade version of the electric fan that can have cooling effect  

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